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Xiaomi is bringing electric air filling device


Xiaomi is bringing electric air filling device: In the current competitive market, different companies are bringing one electronic product after another. it’s documented that Xiaomi is currently busy launching new gadgets within the market.

We all realize Chinese tech company Xiaomi for electronic gadgets and residential appliances. a couple of days ago, the corporate also launched laptops in India.

But this point the corporate goes to bring portable electric air compressors to the Indian market. Yesterday, Xiaomi posted a teaser video on Twitter stating that the new device is going to be launched on July 14, while also announcing its price and availability.

How does this compressor work?

Xiaomi’s new device has been named ‘Mi Portable Electric compressor.’ This alloy die-casting cylinder allows you to inflate ordinary tires, car tires, motorcycle tires, etc. Even football or any sport is often crammed with air. It can provide atmospheric pressure up to 150 PSI. This device is additionally capable of checking tire pressure.

The compressor is extremely small in size, are often easily rotated. it’s an LED light and a display to display the psi level. there’s also a micro USB charging port for charging. the corporate claims it’ll last three hours on one charge.

The capacity of the battery of the device is 2000 mAh.

Xiaomi has already introduced this device within the US market, where it’s priced at around Rs 3,700 in India. it’s expected that Mi Portable Electric compressor will come at a lower cost for Indian customers. we’ll tell you more about this device later.


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