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Yoga in neck or shoulder pain.


Every day a busy life is giving us a piece of paper. Do you know what friends do? That is the name of some of our best doctor’s medications. Yes it has become like pulse rice in our daily life. The medicine will be in the pocket, whether or not you get food Some gas, some back pain and some sugar. This is the journey of our life today. What is the harm if we spend some time for ourselves in our busy lives? Do not practice your body for some time. Yes, I am talking about exercise. Exercise is a very important thing in our life but we do not. With this exercise we can keep our body healthy very easily. Let’s look at those exercises so that our little problems can be solved.

For those who work in the office, especially on the computer, pain in their neck or shoulder is not a new problem. It is less than everyone. Now someone has spinal and waist pain. The things that should be done to prevent such problems are:

Mountaineering: This seat looks a bit like a mountain so it’s called mountain. You can sit on the ground or in a chair. First, sit on the chair or sit on the ground. Then lift the palms on the head, keeping the palms of the hands in the posture. Keep your eyes straight in front of your eyes and breathe normally. In this case you are like 20 seconds. Almost like this, you do it 19 times.

Bhujangasan: This seat is very important for those suffering from lumbar and spinal pain. The hands will be with two bodies. Then, from the head to the chest to breathe should be brought forward. But doing this a few times can help the waist and spine pain greatly.

Benefit of Exercise:

Others side, Regular morning waking and exercising will give you a new life. Exercise daily to stay healthy. Exercise increases our immune system.

Exercise reduces the risk of some cancers, such as cancer cachexia, breast cancer, colon cancer.

Daily exercise strengthens the muscles. Those who suffer from muscle and joints or bone pain for a long time, can control the pain through exercise.

Helps prevent heart disease or other diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Keeps the heart strong. Protects the body from virus attacks. If there is something unwanted in the artery, it will be discharged. Physical exercise reduces the risk of diabetes. Increases the supply of oxygen to the human body. Exercise in a pollution-free environment. Reduces disease and extends life expectancy. Regular exercise reduces body fat or excess fat. For those who suffer from hypertension, regular exercise is controlled by their blood pressure. Improves mental state. Eliminates emotional stress and depression. Smokers increase energy. Maintains mobility. Regular exercise strengthens bone structure. Integrated conditions improve. Increases the immune system’s efficiency in preventing disease


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